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Dan & Lisa

Scottsdale, AZ

I’m totally not a morning person, but I am SO happy I got out of bed early for this session! Next to photographing love stories and getting to work with the most amazing people in the world, getting to sleep in most days of the week was on my list of reasons for wanting to be a wedding photographer! I feel like I might actually encourage morning engagement sessions now because the light was just to die for. Lisa & Dan were such a blast to photograph, and I am so glad they got this beautiful light for their session! It was my first time photographing an engagement session in this location, and it might be a new favorite for me. It was stunning! I’m in love with all the different colors, and Lisa’s red lipstick was the perfect compliment to all the amazing desert tones! Their wedding will be in Scottsdale overlooking the mountains, and I know it is going to be absolutely perfect!